Voter Registration, General Registrar & Elections

Our Mission

The Office of the General Registrar and Electoral Board of Charles City County strive to promote the highest level of service to the citizens of the Commonwealth by providing equitable opportunities to register and vote; and by maintaining accurate records relating to voter registration, elections, election officials, and candidates. We are committed to promoting democracy and public trust in our endeavors to ensure fair and impartial elections.

New Voting Machines

The new voting machines were used in the November General Election. The feed back from the voters was positive and our Officers of Elections did a superb job at the polls on Election Day
With implementing the new voting process to teaching the voters how to cast their ballots to voting the ADA voters outside the polls. They are dedicated, thorough, knowledgeable, and efficient They are the last line of defense in our Electoral Process, they are our Guardians of Democracy.


Voters must present one (1) photo identification in order to vote. If you do not have an acceptable form of identification, please contact your local voter registration office for a free identification.

The Commonwealth of Virginia voter identification card is for voting purposes only.

Mailing Your Vote

Notice to voters using US mail service, the USPS delivery standards changed earlier this year. The First Class delivery went from one to three days to two to five days and Standard delivery is now two to nine days.