Acceptable Materials

Recycling Available at all of the Centers include:

  • Paper and Cardboard: Office Paper, Newspaper, Paper bags, Magazines, and Cardboard.
  • Commingled Recyclables:Aluminum Cans, Plastic Drink Containers (Number 1 and Number 2 such as water bottles, 2 litter soda bottles, and milk jugs) Tin Cans, glass bottles -- Window glass is not recyclable
  • Used oil and used antifreeze is collected at the Munford Road Convenience Center during normal Business hours

Special Preparation

The following items are acceptable but require Special Preparation:

  • Washers, dryers, ranges, dish washers, furniture but any liquids must be must be drained from these items
  • Motors and Engines containing items (ex. small push mowers, weed eaters, etc.)  (motors must be stripped and drained of any fluids) riding lawn mowers need to go to landfill during regular business hours
  • Latex Paint - That has been dried with kitty litter or dried on newspaper is acceptable.
  • Residential used oil and used antifreeze is accepted during regular hours of operation at the Munford Road Convenience Center (Quantities of five gallons or less)

Large Items & Loads

For all large items or large loads that cannot be dropped at the Convenience Center, they need to come into Landfill and cross scales to be weighed in. At that time it will be determined where it needs to go in landfill. If load is sent to Citizen Use Trailer, the refuse needs to go IN trailer not on ground in front of trailer.

Hazardous Household Waste

Household Harmful Chemical waste will be collected at Landfill Convenience Center site on dates to be announced. (Normally during April) These dates will be posted in advance at convenience centers.