Rental Information 

Facility Rental


Please allow for a minimum of 30 days for rentals with more than 50+.  
Per County Ordinance: A $150.00 Special Event Permit is required for  rentals of 50+


  • For rental information, general rules and regulations, Event Information sheet, ABC License Information, Sheriff Form, & Special Event Permit Information: 
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  • Please see the instructions below for easy step-by-step directions.  
  • All class registrations are done online via CivicRec.
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  • Address: 8320 Ruthville Road, Providence Forge, VA 23140
  • Square Footage: 4,606 sq. feet | 98 ft x 47 ft
  • Table Quantities and Sizes (May vary): (20) 60 inch round tables and (26) 8 foot rectangular tables
  • Maximum Capacity: 300 people 
  • COVID Regulations:  None at this time
  • Minimum of 30 days for rentals with more than 50+
  • Per County Ordinance: A $150.00 special event permit is required for rental 50+
  • To reserve a $25 deposit is required and reservations can be made online using CivicRec or in person
  • Balances are due within 30 days of your reservation.    Please see General Reservation Rules & Procedures for information.
  • Schematic & Sample Layouts: To view the Social Center's banquet room, hallway, kitchen and bathrooms:  (Click Here)


Lawrence Lewis Jr. Park Information:

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Park Pavilion Rental Information:   

  • Applicants reserving the Harrison Park Pavilion, or the Social Center Pavilion are granted use of the pavilion only.  
  • Rental reservation does not include use of the concession stand.    
  • Concession stand use is reserved for entities and groups who have adhered to all Virginia Department of Health (VDH) rules and regulations.  
  • Renters wishing to utilize the concession stand to sell food must provide the following items to Charles City County Parks and Recreation for submission to the Virginia Department of Health as soon as possible. Individuals who have not submitted these items at least fourteen (14) days prior to use will not be allowed to utilize the concession stand. 
  • Renters must apply for a VDH Temporary Food Permit.  
  • The VDH Temporary Food Permit application must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the event.  
  • Once approved a copy must be submitted to the Parks and Recreation Department.  
  • Renters must always have at least one (1) person on site who has obtained their Certified Food Protection Manager Certification.  Once obtained, a copy of the certification must be submitted to the Parks & Recreation Department. 
  • A Certified Food Protection Manager must be on site. Contact the Parks & Recreation Department for more information, to obtain a copy of a Temporary Food Permit Application or to find places that offer the Certified Food Protection Manager Certification.  
  • Park restrooms are located near all Park Pavilions and are open to the public late March – early November. 
  • Pavilions do not have access to electricity. Individuals needing electricity must utilize a generator.